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IDEATE and Avalon

Tuesday, 06 November 2012 09:42
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In September 2012, Avalon Springs participated in creating the IDEATE innovation camp, a collaborative maker space and ideation lab at the center of Burning Man.  This camp was sponsored by the Burning Man founders to bring together cultural thought leaders who could further the innovative aspects of Burning Man in creating culture that is more generous, more artistic, and more collaborative.  Entrepreneurs from many innovative companies and projects came together to brainstorm new ways of creating positive global creative culture.  This interactive space was lead by Bear Kittay, an Avalon member-founder, with both Michael Woods and Mellissa Seaman in attendance.  Avalon Springs is valued by the IDEATE community as the flagship example for a rural retreat center appropriate for collaborative entrepreneurial networking and co-creative events.

The idea and planning for IDEATE camp was conceived during a set of collaborative meetings at Avalon Springs during the Spring of 2012.  The IDEATE community continues to be involved in the creation and full build of Avalon Springs.

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